1. The fastest way someone can reduce the amount they spend each month is of course to stop spending money on the UN-necessary. Sometimes easier said than done I know, but if your serious about taking control of your financial future….START TODAY!

2. The second fastest way one might reduce spending is to get a competitive quote on their home or auto insurance every other year. More times than not, an insurance company has a program that would fit your individual circumstance equal to your current policy at less of a cost per month. In Utah, I have found that JRI Insurance is one of the best insurance brokers in Utah. They don’t just reduce your spending….they take care of you when you need them! And that is a value in and of itself.

3. The Third fastest way to reduce spending is to call your local providers for telephone, T.V., Cable or Dish, Internet, etc. and see if they have any promotions they can provide to their area. I have personally reduced my utility bills significantly over the years by doing this occasionally. And the biggest shocker was MOST reduced costs were with the current provider! Be aware when doing this that you don’t lock yourself into something that will end up costing you in the long run, some promotions are bait for the unsuspecting.

4. The fourth fastest way to reduce spending is to consolidate debt. Many people have multiple bills that accrue interest. If credit cards are involved in your monthly spending then that would be a great place to start. Some credit card companies will let you “buy” other credit card debt so it is all in one place. By simply calling your provider and reviewing options, you could lower your monthly spending simply by paying less on interest.

5. The fifth and final piece of advice on this page about reducing spending is to coupon/discount shop. There are various ways to do this and many of them are at the touch of a button on your phone. I find myself enjoying this tactic the best. Whenever I have plans to dine out with anyone, To avoid the awkward “where should we go?” I pull up Groupon or KSL Deals and let the app choose where we are going by which deal they present. Smart phones put these tools right at our fingertips, we just need to develop the habits day by day until presto! We have mastered the top 5 ways to reduce spending.

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