When the world economy crumbled in 2008 and fiscal hardships became more apparent throughout the nation, the financially educated began to stand out. For one reason or another, I was not one of those financially educated individuals and I HATED IT! I came to the realization that if I wanted to get something I never had, I needed to do something I had never done.

​ I read financial books, I went to seminars, I enrolled in financial programs, I did everything I could think of to get financially educated and that was just the beginning! I went on to start a successful and later sell an emergency preparedness company, became a real estate investor and started an advertising company all the while being a husband and father to my two children. Now I want to teach others the truths I have learned and  how they can implement them to create their own lifestyle of success.

After several interviews, multiple trials and countless errors, the adopted lifestyle of the “financially educated” is clearly outlined in my book “Lifestyle of Success” so that you too can apply these proven habits in your life, and take control of your financial future today!



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