“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”  ~Abraham Lincoln

Investing in yourself

is one of the most important and crucial steps you can do when attempting to “enhance your life”. Investing in yourself is the gateway to better options and increases your opportunities for financial acquisition. To keep it simple… specific licenses, Degree’s, Skills, or Trades’ ALLOW YOU TO MAKE MORE MONEY! 

Below are some links that offer opportunities to increase your knowledge in certain aspects or even find employment.

Increase Ability

The "Increasing your ability" concept was best described to me by a successful business man. While on the phone with him, he explained his perspective on work and why certain types of schooling were essential to his success, and why others were NOT.


He explained,

“I learned early in life, that every line of work has its own stream of money and it seems we are required to pick one to tap into at a young age. When I was in school, we participated in a profiling program that told us which job would be best for us, based on our answers to a specific set of questions. When I finished answering the questions and hit enter on the computer, the screen showed that I would do best if employed as a garbage collector, fireman, or laborer. Honestly, it ticked me off. I knew the assessment was meant to give us a better perspective on where our current interests and ambitions were, but I didn’t agree with where it placed me. However, that profiling test sparked something inside me and made me think about how I would spend the rest of my life earning money.

If I was going to be a fireman, and knew I was going to be a fireman when I was in the eighth grade, it would only make sense to me, to study subjects related to becoming a fireman from that point on. Well, at that point I still didn’t know what I wanted, so my studies remained diversified. Once I graduated from high school, however, I knew I who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do and it DID NOT involve college. Instead of college, I focused my attention on obtaining a certain set of skills and licenses. I picked my stream to tap into, so-to-speak, and dove in head first.

Now the down side would be that my choices in other occupations are limited because I don’t have a college degree. Knowledge creates possibility and my knowledge is limited to what I do, but that’s what makes me so good at it.”


When we are specifically educated in our desired line of work and appropriately apply what we learn, wealth is easier to obtain. Increasing your marketability through individual efforts and increased abilities is the means through which  knowledge creates possibility!


What do you think? What are the Pro’s and Con’s between a College Degree vs Professional License? Comment below.