"Money is like a wish...the value is not what it is, but what it can do."
~Lifestyle of Success

Employing your assets

is the ability to make money make money. Like a wish...We all know the best use of a wish is to wish for more wishes. THEN wish till your hearts content. Use a dollar to make another dollar and repeat. Make enough dollars, THEN spend till your heart is content!

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As a thirteen-year old boy, Halloween was the ultimate holiday. I got to dress up in a scary costume, scare people, stay up late, and stock up on one of life’s most valuable commodities for the year: CANDY! The only other holiday that even compared was Christmas, because the presents obtained were slightly more valuable than candy. However, I still loved Halloween. Every year my younger brothers and I would use our pillowcases for bags and go trick-or-treating together. We would strategically conquer our neighborhood first, knocking as many doors as possible for as much candy as we could get before dark. Once darkness fell, we would attack the wealthy neighborhoods. They typically handed out whole candy bars and some houses handed out King sized.

One particular year, the stores must have had a good sale on mini candy bars, because it seemed like everyone was giving them out. Consequently, for every two chocolates that went into my pillowcase, I would eat one. I ate so much chocolate that night that by the time we returned home, I was sick and ready to throw up. Resenting every piece of chocolate, I vowed to never to go trick-or-treating again. What should have been another wonderful Halloween night turned into a night of misery, because of my lavish desires and inability to control my appetite.

It has been a long time since I went trick-or-treating, but I still remember the feelings of excitement, energy, and sickness that particular night brought. I experienced these same feelings not too long ago when I began applying the concept of buying assets to employ…or at least I thought they were assets. I admittedly rushed into purchases that seemed reasonable at the time, but, shortly after, the sickness of a poor financial investment set in. Often, “Investment opportunities” are offered out like candy on Halloween, and in the moment, we often convince ourselves of their goodness and gobble them up without educating ourselves like we should in the matter. Unless we "got lucky, we destined ourselves to become sick with regret.

Here are some things to remember:

  • Success with money is built upon individual accomplishments with money that are accumulated over time, not in a single transaction.
  • Those that fall short of understanding proper financial principles fall short on opportunities.
  • Unwise acts limit our own financial freedom and ultimate success with money.

These basic financial principles help establish a sturdy financial foundation in which to build your Lifestyle of Success.